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        Five factors that will shape your life in Europe in the 2020s

        From the pandemic to political shocks, we've come to expect the unexpected. But what are the big trends that will shape your quality of life and your career in Europe this decade? We take a look with some help from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

        The secret to studying an MBA flexibly from your mobile phone

        The Swedish MBA where they ‘throw you in at the deep end’

        Property: Is it still worth buying in Germany?


        ‘Housing is a human right’: Rent activists step up pressure ahead of German elections

        Housing campaigners from across Germany have banded together ahead of the September elections to demand an immediate rent freeze and affordable housing for all.

        German election 2021: Merkel backs Laschet as CDU lags behind in polls

        The dos and don’ts of communication in international workplaces

        Ever found pursuing an international career creates certain challenges when it comes to communication – or, should we say, miscommunication? Two experts at the University of Cambridge guide you through how to become a better communicator and avoid the pitfalls of international workplaces.


        EU recommends tighter restrictions on American tourists as US removed from Covid safe travel list

        The EU removed the US and five other countries from its travel safe list on Monday, meaning visitors, particularly those not vaccinated against Covid-19, could face tighter restrictions on travel to Europe. Individual member states can decide how to act.

        European nationals face new ID rule when travelling to UK

        German government split on whether to impose mandatory tests for train travel

        Germany strikes Spain and Lisbon from list of Covid risk areas

        Is Berlin set to introduce ‘vaccinated-only’ bars and restaurants?

        Senators in Berlin are considering extending the current '2G' rules for clubs to other areas of public life, like bars and restaurants. But what would that mean in practice?

        Should Germany be testing more vaccinated people in the Covid fourth wave?

        OPINION: Germany is failing its Afghan helpers – out of fear of repeat of 2015 refugee crisis

        Haunted by the spectre of a repeat of the 2015 refugee crisis, the German government is being disastrously slow in fulfilling its duty to Afghans who worked with it over the past 20 years, argues J?rg Luyken.


        ANALYSIS: Is Germany underestimating its Covid vaccination numbers?


        10 facts that help explain the German language

        Learning German or just curious about it? We've compiled some facts to help you understand the importance of the language, its historical roots and how it works.

        German words you need to know: Das Tohuwabohu

        UK introduces a new car sticker requirement for driving in Germany

        There have been a lot of big changes in travel between Germany and the UK since the end of the Brexit transition period, but now the UK has introduced another - a new sticker requirement for British drivers.

        Candidate barred from standing in German local election challenges removal of Brits’ EU rights


        Working in Germany: A weekly roundup of the latest jobs news and talking points

        Every week The Local brings you a roundup of the latest jobs news and topics around working in Germany. Here we look at the updates to workplace Covid health rules, sinking unemployment and the slow return to office life.


        Working in Germany: A weekly roundup of the latest jobs news and talking points

        Germany ‘needs 400,000 immigrants every year’ to fill jobs


        Working in Germany: A weekly roundup of the latest jobs news and talking points

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